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Here is an interview with Karl Kruszelnicki on ABC:


Please watch it. The funny thing is that in Australia the sort of language that he uses almost goes without comment. He says that he was a “woggy kid” who was bullied as a result of his Jewish background. If someone said that in the US, people would react with utter horror that someone whose parents were Holocaust survivors was bullied for being a “wog”—a term hardly better than “nigger”. In fact, I recently met a Jewish person from the US whose nasty boss once referred to both her and another African-American colleague as “niggers”. Karl Kruszelnicki’s mother was imprisoned in Auschwitz, and his father in Sachsenhausen.

Once again, keep in mind that the international refugee convention to which Australia is a signatory was created in the wake of the Holocaust. Nor is it hysteria or exaggeration to point out that some boats carrying Jewish refugees were forced to turn back and “go back where you came from.” The whole refugee convention was set up so to stop nations from brutally “turning back the boats”.

Another news story that you should read was referred to in a tweet by Wikileaks today:


I quote:

“One in 10 Australians have racist attitudes, and believe that there are people who don’t belong in this country because of their cultural background or ethnicity, according to the Challenging Racism study done by the University of Western Sydney. These attitudes are apparent online in chatrooms, in posters around cities, there’s a White Supremacist concert in the Gold Coast every May, and there was one in September in Melbourne too. It’s concerning,”

Happy Hanukkah!