Tony Abbott has announced to the world that ‘coal is good for humanity‘.

We are clearly in need of a good English translation, for the Prime Minister speaks in riddles. It really means that coal is good for the Liberal Party coffers. What is good for the Liberal Party coffers is thus, of necessity, good for ‘humanity’. After all the Liberal Party represents all humanity. So let there be more coal mining, and thus more humanity. It is a most curious tautology, the unintentional humour of which escapes him.

Unintentional humour is always the best humour of them all.

More precisely, it is all part of the Liberal Party Suicide Strategy to invest in the dinosaur technology of coal. That way the Australian economy can go the way of the dinosaur, while gullible lemming-like Liberal Party faithful vote like turkeys for Christmas. But that troubles Tony Abbott little since this concerns matters that extend beyond the limited shelf life of a party politician. What matters is that coal mining companies fill the Party coffers today, well before coal miner’s share prices eventually dwindle to oblivion — gone the way of the dinosaur.